Dementia Care 

Having a loved one diagnosed with dementia can be a daunting prospect and difficult for not only the individual but family members too.


Unfortunately, this diagnosis does mean that there will be a period of adjustment as you and your loved ones adapts to living with the disease.


Having dementia does not mean that you cannot still live a fulfilling life, in fact quite the opposite. Many people with this diagnosis will continue to live at home and complete the everyday tasks they always have. We fully appreciate that with time the care needs will increase, and those bad days become more frequent however, this is certainly not overnight. We have worked with dementia for many years and have seen first-hand how each journey is unique. There is no set path that a dementia diagnosis will take you on which is why a care provider who recognises that and will adapt a care package to those needs is vital.


Our systems allow us to offer a virtual memory box for our clients. This is a platform where videos, photos, messages can be saved and exchanged between the client and their families, where we can show these to the clients during our visits. This is a simple tool but has an important role to play especially for those families who do not live locally. We give them a secure platform to communicate, share memories, reminisce but more importantly to ensure that they are there to take the journey with our client.


Dementia is a disease that has the most personal meaning to our business as an elderly member of our family is currently living with this disease. This means we are well placed to empathise with the family in handling their emotions of the everyday changes that will become visible in their loved ones. We fully appreciate this disease has a bigger impact on the wider family than the individual themselves.